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國立屏東大學 英語學系
National Pingtung University Department of English
2017國立屏東大學英語學系學術研討會 錄取名單 Admission list



Admission list


發表人Presenter: 蘇○怡 梁○行

題目Topic: The Effects of Visual Storytelling Instruction on Taiwanese Fifth Graders’ Vocabulary Learning and Reading Performance


發表人Presenter: 金○衛

題目Topic: Obsessions with the past: William Faulkner and time as seen through The Sound and the Fury and Absalom


發表人Presenter: 楊○軒  黃○二

題目Topic: Taiwanese elementary students and teachers attitudes on English-Language Learning APPs


發表人Presenter: 郭○華

題目Topic: A study of Taiwan university students’ learning needs and perspectives toward a business English writing course


發表人Presenter: 楊○軒

題目Topic: Thoreau’s Simplicity


發表人Presenter: 安○文

題目Topic: Study of Mind Mapping in EFL Collaborative Writing Instruction


發表人Presenter: 藍○雯  張○美

題目Topic: Foreign Language University of Science and Technology Department of Modern


發表人Presenter: 楊○名

題目Topic: Seba’s Representation of Taiwanese Ideas of Religion in the “Hung-Er” Series


發表人Presenter: 黃○芳 蔡○舒

題目Topic: Gender Differences in Nonliteral Language Use for Different Discourse Goals in Business English Communication


發表人Presenter: 李○恆

題目Topic: English Nursery Rhyme Activities in a Taiwanese Kindergarten: A Case Study in Central Taiwan


發表人Presenter: 黃○二

題目Topic: Layers of Equality Noticed in Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass


發表人Presenter: 盧○娟 鄭○中

題目Topic: The Acquisition of the Spanish Object Pronouns as a Third Language: A Corpus-based Study


發表人Presenter: 盧○香 梁○行

題目Topic: Elementary School EFL Learners’ Perspective on Integrating E-Learning into English Remedial Instruction


發表人Presenter: 徐○婷

題目Topic: Taiwanese University Students’ Attitudes towards the Establishment of an All-Taiwanese Television Channel


發表人Presenter: 林○櫻

題目Topic: Implementing English Distance Education at a Rural Area Elementary School: The Participants’ Perspectives


發表人Presenter: 陳○琳 謝○玉

題目Topic: Synaesthetic metaphors in English pop song lyrics: A study of lexical change


發表人Presenter: 徐○鐘

題目Topic: Indeterminacy in Eliot’s “Portrait of A Lady” and “The Love Song of J, Alfred Prufrock”


發表人Presenter: 林○瑾

題目Topic: The French Lieutenant’s Woman. Modern Goddess of Creativity


Workshop發表人Presenter: Andrew Starck

題目Topic: Ideas for Use of Songs in the Language Classroom


2017國立屏東大學英語學系學術研討會錄取名單Admission list

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